TurboMate 2 (Box of 20)

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  • The TurboMate 2 is a chick feeder designed for taller feeders such as the Chore-Time Revolution and the Big Dutchman Fluxx feeder.  Like the regular TurboMate, it is designed to use for the first 14 days.  It provides easy access to feed while minimizing waste
  • Place between automatic feeders and replace your other floor feeding systems
  • Fits both ribbed and smooth feed tube types
  • Recommend one TurboMate for every 75-100 chicks
  • When finished, close off feed and rotate up 180 degrees in either direction for storage
  • 9.63" tall from bottom of feed tube to bottom of pan 
  • 2.65 lb. Feed Capacity
  • Only sold in full box quantities
  • 20/box
  • Designed for use with Big Dutchman Fluxx and Chore-Time Revolution feeders 
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