Cable-Free Winching System

For over 50 years, our industry has successfully relied on aircraft cable for suspension of equipment
in poultry houses. As management practices have changed over the last 5-10 years with the move
to tunnel ventilation, tighter houses, evaporative cooling and the addition of citric acid products
to the houses, we are becoming more and more disappointed with the performance of cable. After
listening to our customers' concerns about the shorter life of galvanized cable and poor strength of
stainless steel cable, we introduced our Cable-Free Winching System in early 2009.
This system is very flexible allowing you to select the degree of cable-free you need. The development
of our 3/16” Low Stretch Cord is the key component of this system. Simply substitute this cord for
1/8” cable on drops, on feeders and use our 3/16” Cord Adjuster instead of the cable adjuster. You
can continue to use cable for the main suspension lines. For nests, we recommend using our 7/32”
Low-Stretch Cord and secure with a cable clamp. Be sure to use a cable thimble or s-hook to prevent
the sharp edges of the nest from cutting the cord.
The second phase of cable-free winching resulted from the development of a strap option for many
of our winches. The straps do most of the heavy work allowing the main cable to remain straight.
Eliminating the back and forth flexing of the cable around the winch drum prevents cable failure.
The final move to 100% cable-free winching involved replacing the mainline cable with our
Suspension Rod. Many customers were using this rod for ventilation control with good results.
Since this wire is over 65% stronger than cable, we realized it was well suited for winching feeders
and nests. The combination of this rod for main lines and the cord for drops will give you a system
virtually unaffected by the harsh conditions in the poultry house.

With the use of solid side walls, tunnel ventilation and the addition of PLT, PWT and
other acid based products to the poultry house, we urge you to look for alternatives to
galvanized cable. 
Please be sure to check our Cable and Winching Guidelines for information.

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