Electric 2000 Worm Gear Divided Reel Winch

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  • Electric version of our split reel worm gear ceiling winch
  • Box includes winch & winch mounting hardware
  • Control pendant sold separately (AMT Item 240266)
  • We recommend that a licensed electrician install this winch
  • The main gear and the worm gear need to kept lubricated at all times.  We recommend greasing these gears every up and down cycle.  (Check out our Fluid Film)
  • 2000 lb. rated capacity based on the first layer of cable or strap around the drum.  Each additional layer of strap or cable reduces the capacity of the winch
  • Average working load around 400-500 lbs.
  • Self-braking
  • 41:1 gear ratio
  • Loop drive
  • Drum Dimensions:  4 3/4" OD & 1 3/4" ID
  • 1/8" Cable Capacity:  134' (67' per side) 
  • Oven-cured epoxy coating lasts longer than conventional zinc, chrome or enamel finish
  • 110 Volt, 60Hz, 5.86 Full load amps
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