AMT Poly-Plus Curtain

Curtain House 3.jpg
  • Our most popular curtain for poultry, swine and dairy buildings
  • Most Advanced Curtain Construction
  • Maximum Ultraviolet Protection
  • Longer Life
  • One piece construction up to 12 feet wide
  • A 3" single hem is standard on all curtains. Second hems or extra wide hems are optional.
  • Poly-Plus curtain is measured before hemming. Deduct 3" for single hem and 6" for double hem. (Example: 6' curtain actually measures 69" with a single hem or 66" with a double hem.)
  • Standard rolls are 600' (standard rolls of 12' are 300')
  • Custom roll lengths of 200' or more are available at no extra charge
  • Custom length and double hem rolls cannot be returned