Curtain Minder

SKU: 13100
SKU: 13100
Item weight: 11
Standard Package: 1
Sale Units: Each
The CM 5000D is the first curtain emergency ventilation control for both tunnel and conventional poultry rearing houses and confinement buildings with curtains or fall out panels. A knob on the front of the Curtain-Minder controls the delay time for releasing the curtain winches. The delay is adjustable between zero and ten minutes. Zero or near zero allows the operator to test the systems and the curtain winching system quickly. Ten minutes may be practical for young poultry and livestock, and other sizes under some extreme weather conditions. The time in between zero and ten minutes is used to provide protection while ignoring local electrical problems. The adjustment also provides the operator the ability to match the transfer time on an automatic standby generator.

  • Great for Tunnel Houses / Conventional Houses
  • More Management for your Poultry and Livestock
  • Adjusts for age, seasons, and automatic transfer generators
  • Faster and more frequent testing
  • Totally Digital
  • You can test the battery
  • An Alarm Output
Each kit contains (1) control box, (1) winch kit, (1) transformer, and (1) battery.