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Winch- 2000lb. Worm Gear Split Reel

SKU: 24025
SKU: 24025
Item weight: 11.75
Standard Package: 4
Sale Units: Each
An economical companion to our WindLift 5000 lb. Winch
  • 2000 lb. capacity*
  • Used to winch drinkers
  • Add the 24018 strap kit or winch sling for use in our AMT Cable Free Winching System
  • • Capacity is based on the first layer around the drum.  Each additional wrap around the drum reduces the working load capacity.
    *Gears must be greased before each cycle. When using drill cranks to raise and lower winches, drills should only be operated at low speed. High-speed operation will damage gears and void any warranty.
  • 2000 lb. capacity
  • Self-braking
  • 41:1 gear ratio
  • Loop drive
  • Drum Dimensions:  4 3/4" OD & 1 3/4" ID
  • 1/8" Cable Capacity:  134' (67' per side) 
  • Oven-cured epoxy coating lasts longer than conventional zinc, chrome or enamel finish
  • Shafts and gears are made of high tensile alloy steel
  • All gears are heat-treated, high-carbon steel to provide longer life