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Curtain-6' White 7-Layer Insulated

SKU: 10067
SKU: 10067
Item weight: 1.12
Standard Package: 200' Roll
Sale Units: Foot

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2 Outer Layers:                          1 - 5.8 oz White Poly-Plus                                                            Curtain 10 x 10                                                                   1- 4.4 oz Clear Poly-Plus                                                              Curtain 10 x 10

4 Interior Layers :                      High Tech White Non-                                                          Woven Insulating                                                                   Materials

1 Inner Layer:                             1 - 4.4 oz Clear Poly-Plus                                                              Vapor Barrier

Total Weight:                             Approx. 22-26 oz/sq yd

Thickness:                                          Approx. 95 mils

R Value:                                  Estimated at approx. R3**

Light Transmission:            Allows approx. 7% diffused                                                   light/ $3 shade

** Testing is based on ASTM method D-1518 for Thermal Transmittance of Textile Materials. Tests were done on the Kawabata KES-F7 Thermo-Lab II module. This measures the 1r which is the thermal transmittance through fabric into air. (R-value must be tested with at least a 1" thickness as this is not applicable to this material. R-value can only be calculated through estimates based on these tests).