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Reinforced Perforated Polypropylene Egg Belt - 4" x 1020'

SKU: 61041-1020-Reinforced
SKU: 61041-1020-Reinforced
Item weight: 72
Standard Package: 1020' Roll
Sale Units: 1020' Rls
• Made in the USA
• Extruded co-polymer polypropylene
• Holes maintain the position of eggs on the belt and allow dirt to fall through
• Produces cleaner eggs with fewer cracks
• Recommended for nest systems designed for perforated egg belt
• Available in 1020' & 1220' rolls

What Makes the Reinforced Perforated Egg Belt Different?

The holes in the plastic perforated belt allow solid contamination to be dropped to the floor. This makes for easier cleaning of the belt and better conditions in the barn. Unlike current plastic belt technology, especially narrow width, this belt is internally reinforced with a Kevlar thread that runs along the length of the belt. This eliminates long-term stretching and reduces replacements, maintenance costs, and downtime.